A-Z of Relative Clauses

Band 7+ Grammar: Relative Clauses

Master relative clauses in this course which uses grammar lessons and quizzes to take you from the basics to the complexities of these important types of complex sentence. 

Quickly improve your ability to use relative clauses

Relative Clauses are a type of complex sentence and are critical for any type of writing. They are used to give further information about a noun, such as a person, place or thing. Relative pronouns introduce a relative clause and include who for people, that and which for things, when for time, and whose to show possession.

This course uses grammar lessons followed by interactive quizzes to ensure you can become an expert in writing these types of clause. This can help you with IELTS, where complex sentences are needed to score highly for grammar, or for your university writing such as an essay, thesis, or PhD.

Here is just some of what we will
cover in this course

Defining relative clauses

Non-defining relative clauses

Reduced relative clauses

Prepositions in relative clauses

Commas in relative clauses

Replacing 'who' & 'which' with 'that'

Replacing relative clauses with infinitives

Using 'to whom', 'with whom' etc.

Using 'all of which', 'most of which' etc.

Using 'whose' & 'whom'

Subject & object relative clauses

Using 'when' & 'where' for time and place

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Packed full of interactive quizzes

Each unit has online interactive quizzes to make sure you have lots of practice to become an expert at relative clauses. 

Course contents

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