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IELTS Reading and Writing Course

Do you want to combine learning IELTS reading and writing? This course is for the academic module of IELTS. It's packed full of excellent tips and activities to improve your writing and reading skills.

Key elements of the course:

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IELTS Graphs

Training on how to write all types of academic task 1: Line graphs, bar charts, tables, pie charts, maps, processes and diagrams. Practice writing your own responses which you can compare to model answers.

IELTS Essays

Learn how to plan, brainstorm, and write a high-scoring essay for IELTS. Again, lots of opportunities to write your own responses which you can compare to high-scoring model answers.
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IELTS Reading

Get tips on all the types of reading questions that may arise in the test and take the real IELTS reading tests which are included in the course.

How you will learn:

Academic training course book

The training is built around a course book of 15 units, with each unit full of training and exercises to build up your writing and reading skills in an organised and structured way. It's for the Academic Module, not General Training. 

Practice activities 

The course is packed full of training and exercises to teach you how to write for both IELTS writing Task 1 and 2 and how to tackle the reading test. All the units have answer keys and a downloadable document to write your answers on.

Online IELTS tutor

During the course, you can chat with an ex-IELTS examiner and experienced IELTS instructor if you have any questions about the learning materials or if there is anything you don't understand and need clarification on.

Reading and writing tests

There are a lot of reading texts on the course and four full IELTS reading tests so you will have lots of practice. You also have the chance to write full IELTS essays and graphs, which you can compare to the many model answers provided on the course. 

Frequently asked questions

Who is the course for? 

This course is for people taking the Academic Module of the IELTS test (International English Language Testing System). It's ideal for those who are at the lower band levels such as 4.5 - 6.5 and need to boost that band score.

What skills does the course cover? 

It starts with the most basic skills, such as writing paragraphs and topic sentences, up to writing full responses for both Task 2 (essays) and Task 1 (graphs, bar charts, maps, diagrams etc). The course has tips and practice for all the various types of reading questions you can get in the test. There are also four full reading tests included for you to download and practice. 

What activities are included? 

There are activities on everything you learn on the course, from practice writing topic sentences and using linking words to writing full essays and graphs. It's also packed full of model answers so you can compare what you have written to a high-scoring model answer. You can check out the full contents of the course below.

Do I get personal support?

The learning materials are self-access, so they are designed to be taken by yourself and, within the course, full guidance is given. You can take the course at your own pace, and you can go back over the materials as many times as you like over the enrolment period. However, a tutor is available if required to answer any questions you have as you take the course.

How long do I have access to the course? 

Access is for 12 months. However, this can be extended for a further 3 months if you require more time at the end of the first 12 months. You need to let us know before your enrolment expires.

What if I realise that the course isn't suitable for me?

There's a full money back guarantee if you contact us within 10 days of paying for the course.

IELTS Reading & Writing Course Contents

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Money Back Guarantee

Try the course for 10 days. If it's not what you expected or can't meet your needs, then we'll provide you with a no questions asked refund. 

IELTS Reading and Writing Course

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