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Take an IELTS Speaking Mock Test

Get real practice in a live speaking test situation, with feedback and tips on how to improve from an experienced ex-IELTS examiner and instructor. You'll also get a band score based on the official IELTS marking criteria.
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1 x 30 min 
speaking session

Test and then feedback

Full mock test as
per the real exam

Actual test is 12-14 mins

Band score plus tips

Official marking criteria used

 Tested by Ex-IELTS Examiner

10 years + examining for IELTS

Student Review

I took a mock test "speaking test" with Dr Russell a week before my IELTS exam. This 35-minutes dialog helped me a lot, as I followed the advice of Russell about some grammar issues and for instance did some extra speaking with native English speakers. Moreover, my predicted score was exactly the same as during the real IELTS but I felt more confident :).

Thanks a lot and good luck to everybody!
Anne from Turkey

How it works

Make your purchase

Sign up and purchase the course, which is for one speaking test. A variety of payment options are available. You'll be sent an email to confirm that you have been enrolled onto the IELTS mock speaking test course.   

Arrange interview 

A session will be arranged at a time that suits you and your examiner and can be undertaken most days or evenings on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Zoom or Skype can be used.

Sit your mock test

They'll be a few minutes to set up then the mock test will begin. The actual test takes about 12-14 minutes. The test will be based exactly on a real IELTS test with actual test questions and timings. 

Feedback & questions

You will be given your band score for each of the IELTS criteria and an overall speaking score. We'll discuss with you weaknesses, how to improve, and any questions you have.

Frequently asked questions

1. Will my mock test be just like the real thing? 

Yes. Your IELTS speaking mock test will follow the exact format of an official IELTS test, with questions taken from past papers and timings as per the actual test. The person acting as your examiner is an experienced ex-IELTS examiner and instructor, British, based in the UK, with over 10 years experience of the test. 

2. How are the band scores worked out?

Your examiner is experienced in giving grades for IELTS so they will be assessed based on your performance in reference to the official IELTS band descriptors. For these you are graded on your fluency and coherency, lexical resource (vocabulary knowledge and use) and grammatical range and accuracy.

3. How will the feedback be given and how will it help me?

You'll be given a copy of the IELTS band descriptors before the test. When the test has finished, your examiner will then go through your scores with reference to each of the four criteria. You'll be given a band score for each criteria as is done in the test. By referring to the marking criteria you'll have a much better understanding of how the scoring works and you'll also know exactly where your weak areas are and where you need to improve. 

4. Can I ask questions? 

Yes, you can ask anything you like and the examiner will seek to provide you with tips on how to improve and how the test works. There are certain things about the test and marking which are confidential, but we'll explain if there is anything we are not allowed to say. 

5. Is 30 minutes enough time? 

Yes as the IELTS speaking mock test and set-up will take about 15 minutes and the remaining 15 minutes is for feedback and questions, which is plenty of time. If we are still discussing things though and have not finished, we won't cut you off on the 30 minutes - we can go slightly over if needed.

6. What will I need to have ready before the test? 

We'll talk to you before the session to make sure you have everything you need, but you'll of course need a good internet connection, speakers, and headphones if your computer can't pick up voices very well. We'll provide you with a copy of the IELTS public speaking band descriptors. If you haven't taken an IELTS speaking test before it's a good idea to have an understanding of the format of the test, but we'll provide you with that plus some basic tips after you have purchased the course. 

7. Do I get a recording of the test? 

There is no recording of the test but if you request it, and audio recording can be made.

8. What if there are technical problems? 

Try to make sure your computer and internet all work ok but if there are technical problems we will make sure you don't lose your session. We'll arrange for another time or add time on at the end if any time was lost during the session.
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IELTS Speaking Mock Test

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