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Thesis, Journal Article, and PhD Proofreading

Our proofreading service provides a thorough grammar, punctuation, and spelling check for 8-10k words for your thesis, PhD chapter(s), journal article submission or other academic work.

How it works

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Sign up and purchase the course. A variety of payment options are available. You'll be sent an email to confirm that you have signed up.

Submit your work

Once signed up, you can submit your thesis or article so work can begin. You can also tell us your deadline, though we need at least 7 days.


Your work will be thoroughly edited and corrected for punctuation, spelling and grammar. All changes will be tracked using Microsoft Word so you can see all changes made (it can also be completed on Apple Pages if you prefer).

Feedback & questions

Once you have your work back you can review it and check or decline the changes. You can ask any questions if any changes made are unclear or you feel you need further clarification.

Frequently asked questions

What if I have more or less than 8000-10,000 words? 

This proofreading and editing service caters mainly for those undertaking a Master's Thesis or PhD. A completed Thesis is usually 8000-10,000 words and a PhD chapter may be around this length. You can purchase again if you have, for instance, 20,000 words. However, please contact us if you have a differing word length, either shorter or longer and we can likely accommodate this and adjust the pricing accordingly. 

What exactly does the proofreading involve?

Your work will specifically be checked for grammar, punctuation and spelling. This will be completed using Microsoft Word 'Track Changes' function so you can then see all of the changes afterwards, and accept or decline them. We can also use Apple's 'Pages' if you prefer, though the tools are not quite as sophisticated as Word for this. The turnaround is 7 days. You can ask questions and discuss the changes if needed. 

What about editing the document for facts, content or logic, or formatting the document?

We will flag something up in the comments if it has issues with readability, clarity, or concision. However, this service on the whole is just for proofreading. It does not include fact checking, rewriting passages for clarity and concision, editing for tone or voice, and restructuring text. Nor does the service include formatting of the text or document.

Can the deadlines be changed?

The course price is for a turnaround of 7 days. If you need quicker then please contact us and we can discuss a price, but it will be more than the above advertised price.

What kinds of documents do you proofread?

We can do anything that is within the word limits. So we can proofread university theses, PhD chapters, reports, journal articles and anything else.

Does it matter what the topic is?

Most topics should be ok. However, if your work has particularities that could be complex such as those to do with science, physics or maths, we can take a look first and let you know if there could be any problems or if this service isn't suitable for you

Thesis, Journal Article, and PhD Proofreading

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