Discover your path to success with 1:1 IELTS writing tuition


It's extremely difficult to improve your writing without personalised guidance. My writing sessions are designed to help you achieve your IELTS writing band faster and more effectively. I will work with you 1:1 to examine your IELTS writing and find out exactly how you need to improve. I will tailor our sessions to make sure you meet your needs and goals and achieve the band score you desire.
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The benefits of personalised IELTS coaching

Get 1-1 guidance from an experienced ex-IELTS examiner

My writing sessions provide experienced guidance. I have many years experience of teaching academic writing to learners of English, be it in preparation for university studies or to pass the IELTS test.  I'm an ex-IELTS examiner with a total of over 10 years examining experience, I am CELTA trained and have a Masters and PhD.

Work on a variety of essay topics and question types.

I will ensure you develop the writing skills to tackle a variety of essay types by using the sessions to examine your writing skills in relation to the various essay types and topics you may get.

Identify the issues that are holding you back

How can you know what your writing problems are or how to remedy them without personalised support? Working with you,  I will examine what you write throughout the sessions in order to identify any problem areas with your writing and devise a plan to conquer these hurdles and set you on the path to improved writing ability. 

Build your confidence and belief in yourself

1:1 coaching boosts confidence by highlighting strengths and successes. It also creates strategies to overcome challenges, resulting in a stronger self-belief.
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How our 1:1 coaching
sessions work

  • Schedule each coaching session at a time that works for you
  • Submit your writing assignment (e.g. essay) before the session
  • Discuss together how your writing can be improved
  • Take action and track your progress towards success

What to expect in your first coaching session

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In your first tuition session, I will introduce myself and provide an overview of the sessions. 
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Discuss your goals

We'll then go through what band score you require and the steps we'll need to go through to help you achieve that.
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Your current level

Based on a grammar quiz you will take prior to the session and the submission of a piece of IELTS writing, we'll discuss some of the key areas it appears that you will need to work on to improve.
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Ongoing support

I will also discuss the ongoing support and resources that will be available to you throughout the coaching process. This may include access to additional tools and resources, ongoing check-ins, and support between sessions.

Our students love us  

I was hesitant to try the IELTS writing course at first, but I'm so glad I took the plunge. My coach was incredibly supportive and helped me identify my problems with my writing and how I could improve. Through our coaching sessions, I was able to overcome some of the difficulties that had been holding me back in my writing and make progress towards the band I needed. I feel more confident and motivated than ever before, and I know that the skills and strategies I learned through coaching will serve me well in my future studies as well. I would highly recommend personalised writing to anyone who is looking to improve their IELTS band score for writing!

Kaira T.

IELTS Candidate
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